News Releases

04/18/2024 Nucor Announces Appointment of Nicole B. Theophilus as Executive Vice President of Talent and Human Resources
04/09/2024 Nucor Invites You to Join Its First Quarter of 2024 Conference Call on the Web
04/04/2024 Nucor Introduces New Hot-Rolled Coil Spot Pricing
04/01/2024 Nucor to Acquire Manufacturer of Data Center Infrastructure
03/20/2024 Nucor Signs Agreement with Mercedes-Benz To Supply Econiq™-RE
03/19/2024 Google, Microsoft, and Nucor announce a new initiative to aggregate demand to scale the adoption of advanced clean electricity technologies
03/14/2024 Nucor Announces Guidance for the First Quarter of 2024 Earnings
02/21/2024 Nucor Board of Directors Approves Funding for New Pacific Northwest Rebar Micro Mill
02/20/2024 Nucor Announces 204th Consecutive Cash Dividend
01/29/2024 Nucor Reports Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2023
01/29/2024 Nucor Invites You to Join Its Fourth Quarter of 2023 Conference Call on the Web
01/16/2024 Nucor Invites You to Join Its Fourth Quarter of 2023 Conference Call on the Web
12/14/2023 Nucor Announces Increase in Cash Dividend
12/14/2023 Nucor Announces Guidance for the Fourth Quarter of 2023 Earnings
11/17/2023 Nucor to Build New Mill Stand at Tuscaloosa Plate Mill
11/13/2023 Nucor Sets Net-Zero Science-Based Greenhouse Gas Targets for 2050
10/23/2023 Nucor Reports Results for the Third Quarter of 2023
10/23/2023 Nucor Invites You to Join Its Third Quarter of 2023 Conference Call on the Web
10/20/2023 Nucor Exploring Potential Sites in the Pacific Northwest to Build New Rebar Micro Mill
10/16/2023 River Metals Recycling Announces Acquisition

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