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A New Breed of Steel Plate

Invincia™ is abrasion-resistant steel plate optimized for long-term wear offered in 400, 450 and 500 Brinell.


  1. Optimized for Durability

    Invincia is engineered to meet the demands of heavy equipment, agriculture, and transportation applications.
  1. Sustainable Steel

    Invincia is made using Nucor’s circular EAF steelmaking process. This method produces 1/3 the GHGs of extractive blast furnace steelmaking for Scopes 1-3.
  1. Manufactured in the USA

    Invincia is melted and manufactured in the USA, offering our customers efficient, reliable access to the abrasion-resistant steel plate products they need.

Invincia: quenched and tempered steel plate engineered for the toughest jobs you can give it


Superior surface quality and through hardness for abrasion resistance.

Enhanced Fabrication

Enhanced ductility and toughness for formability and welding.

Leading Size Range

Invincia is available in from 3/16” through 6” thickness, widths from 72” through 170”, and lengths up to 600”.

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