Get paid to earn your associates degree and land a job. Yes, you read that right! The Nucor Technical Academy is a unique program designed to launch successful Nucor careers by providing full scholarship for tuition and housing for motivated, qualified candidates who GET PAID to go to class.


Our program provides education and hands-on training without the typical financial burdens of going to school.

  • Tuition and fees are completely covered by the program (minimum 3.0 GPA required)
  • Housing is provided for students living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Nucor provides travel expenses for travel between Tuscaloosa and your home mill
  • Students are paid for their time in class and for on-the-job training
  • Graduates have the opportunity to become part of the Nucor Team with competitive full-time pay and benefits


Nucor will pay you for the hours you are on the job training and the hours you attend class.

  • You’ll be paid $12 per hour once you start at your sponsor mill.
  • Upon arrival in Tuscaloosa for the beginning of your initial spring semester, the pay will increase to $14 per hour for the remainder of the first academic year.
  • Based on work and academic performance, your hourly rate could increase to $16 for year two which begins in the second fall semester.




    • Schedule a one day plant visit and interview with your potential sponsoring mill
    • Tour the facility (must be 18 years old)
    • Take Nucor’s pre-hire assessment
    • Meet all program requirements


    • Be offered a position in program
    • Be enrolled in an industry defined electrical curriculum at Shelton State Community College
    • Employment will be through a local staffing company
    • Relocate to Tuscaloosa, Alabama prior to the beginning of spring semester classes.


    • Earn an Associate Degree in an Electrical Technology/Industry defined training
    • Receive hands-on training at Nucor Tuscaloosa (during semesters)
    • Receive hands-on training at trainee’s sponsoring Nucor Division during semester breaks, winter break and other periods when available


    • Interview for an electrical maintenance entry level position at sponsoring division
    • Have an opportunity for a career with a Fortune 100 company
    • If hired, make a 3-year commitment to sponsoring division
    • Continue using electrical knowledge and skills
    • Have opportunities for career advancement

How to Apply


  • Apply online to Nucor Technical Academy (Applications accepted September 1 - December 31)

  • Include Student Information Sheet with Nucor application

  • Include chronological resume with Nucor application

  • Include transcript with SAT/ACT with Nucor application

  • Include a one-page essay

  • Complete Willingness Survey during Nucor application

  • All cadidates who wish to apply must be 18 years of age by September 1 of the entering year.

Contact Lane Tyner if you have questions.


  1. What is the Nucor Technical Academy?

    An opportunity for high school school graduates to enter a career-specific training program. This program teaches the fundamentals of instrumentation and electrical maintenance to prepare students for a rewarding career at one of Nucor’s modern manufacturing facilities.

  2. Where will the classes be taught?

    All classes are taught at Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This is in the heart of University of Alabama country, so there are plenty of things to do and see in the area. Nucor chose Shelton State Community College because of its trained faculty, well-maintained facilities, and up-to-date training simulators.

  3. Do I apply to the college or to Nucor?

    You must apply to both Shelton State Community College and to the Nucor Technical Academy in order to be considered for this program. The Shelton State application is available online through the community college at

    To express interest in the Nucor technical Academy, you will attend an information session and complete the Nucor Technical Academy Willingness Questionnaire online.

  4. Does the college consider me to be a student just like all other college students?

    Once accepted into the college, they will consider you a Shelton State Community College student. The college provides a liaison for the Nucor Technical Academy students so that information can be relayed easily between the students and Nucor.

  5. Are there high school requirements I need to have to enter the program?

    Yes, a high school GPA of 2.75 is preferred for entry into the program. In addition, students must provide a transcript to show credit for at least four of the following high school courses:

    Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Mechanical/Drawing, Computer Science, Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Technology Elective.

  6. Are all applicants accepted into the program?

    The Nucor Technical Academy is a competitive program and is limited on the total students from across the country per year. The number of students is determined by participating Nucor divisional needs Students must apply to Shelton State Community College and must pass a Nucor Technical Academy screening process.

  7. How long does the program last?

    The program may begin the first summer with work at your home division. This is an opportunity for Safety training and to learn the Nucor Way. It also gives you the opportunity to earn spending money that you can use for your living and commuting expenses throughout the year. The program consists of six-seven continuous semesters of classroom training and on the job training (OJT). The first summer and fall semester will be spent at the sponsored division learning the Nucor culture, establishing sponsor relationships, and taking online General Studies courses. The remaining five semesters will be spent at the Tuscaloosa mill taking technical courses and OJT. Students are also expected to work either at the sponsoring mill or at Tuscaloosa during semester breaks from school.

  8. What GPA do I need to maintain to stay in the program?

    A 3.0 GPA is required to remain in the program. Students who fall below the required GPA are placed on probation for a semester to show substantial improvement or improve the GPA to the 3.0 minimum.

  9. Will I have a degree at the end of the program?

    Nucor is partnering with Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to provide the classroom training for this program. Students who complete the program can earn an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Electrical Technology Industry Defined Training (ELT/IDT).

  10. What type of job will I have when I finish the program?

    Upon completion, we expect all students in the program to reach entry level Maintenance Electrician. Successful students will be placed in openings at the sponsoring mill. There is no guarantee of any specific job; however, Nucor will make every effort to locate the students to available positions throughout the corporation.

  11. Who is my Nucor contact after I'm accepted into the program?

    After being accepted into the Nucor Technical Academy, you will be assigned to a sponsoring mill mentor and upon arrival to Tuscaloosa, the Nucor Technical Academy supervisor will be your primary supervisor. Both persons will provide your weekly work schedule and will assist with planning your school schedule at both locations. The Nucor Technical Academy supervisor will assist with your housing arrangements in Tuscaloosa. In addition, there will be other department supervisors assigned for OJT assignments at both the sponsoring mill and at Tuscaloosa.

  12. Does Nucor provide work opportunities while I am in school?

    Students are expected to work OJT during off-hours when not in school. This time is scheduled by the Nucor Technical Academy supervisor. Students are expected to work during breaks from school.

  13. Will I be employed by Nucor?

    During the training program, candidates will be employed through a staffing agency until the training program is completed. After the program completion, we expect all students to be candidates for electrical maintenance openings at Nucor mills.

  14. Will I be paid during my training time?

    You will be paid $12 per hour once you start at your sponsor mill.

    Upon arrival in Tuscaloosa for the beginning of your initial spring semester, the pay will increase to $14 per hour for the remainder of the first academic year.

    Based on work and academic performance, your hourly rate could increase to $16 for year two, which begins in the second fall semester.

  15. Where will I spend my on-the-job training time while taking classes?

    During the time you are attending Shelton State Community College, work will be scheduled during your non-classroom hours at Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa, Inc. The nature and hours of this work will be determined by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa, Inc. with the expectation that students will be available for work a total of 40 hours each week (some of that time is classroom time, and some of that time is work time). The student must also expect to perform work at Nucor’s discretion. Although much of the work will contribute toward OJT time, there will also be times when the student is working in a general labor capacity as a Mill Utility. A certain amount of Mill Utility work will be required during the duration of the training program.

  16. Where will I live?

    During the time you were attending Shelton State Community College and working at Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa, Inc., an apartment will be provided for you by Nucor. This apartment will be shared with other Nucor Technical Academy students. Food and meals will be provided by each student.

  17. Do I need a vehicle to be able to attend this program?

    Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the college and the work sites. Nucor does not provide this transportation.

  18. What if I decide to leave the program before I complete the requirements?

    Nucor expects each student to complete the program. If a student decides to leave the program before its completion, the tuition fees are to be reimbursed to Nucor.

  19. Is there travel involved with this program?

    The program involves regular commuting within the Tuscaloosa area to travel between Shelton State Community College and Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa, Inc. The distance between the two locations is approximately 10 miles. Students will also travel to their home division for work and training with travel reimbursement provided by Nucor. There may be other travel to various training locations with travel reimbursement provided by Nucor.