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American manufacturing is essential to a thriving economy, and crucial for jobs that pay America’s workers a good wage. We actively support public policy that encourages the growth of a robust manufacturing sector.

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Supports 2 Million Jobs


Generates $56 Billion in state, local and federal tax revenue


Creates $130 Billion in wages and benefits


Contributes $520 Billion to the U.S. Economy

Free Trade

On a level playing field, American manufacturers can compete with anyone in the world. Enforcing the rules of trade to prevent dumping and illegal subsidies ensures a healthy, global free market for goods.

American Jobs

Projects built with American tax dollars should go to create American jobs. Strong Buy America provisions ensure that government spending on goods and infrastructure support American workers and American jobs.


America’s infrastructure is a critical resource for our national defense and economic security. America must make a robust and ongoing investment in upgrading and rebuilding its infrastructure to support a 21st century economy.


Supporting manufacturers means creating a business-friendly environment for investment, innovation and job creation. America needs common-sense regulations, competitive tax rates and reliable and affordable energy.

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