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If you are a truck transportation vendor or a transload facility and are interested in partnering with Nucor, please review our minimum safety and insurance requirements below:

  1. Safety

    General Loading Requirements: Following are the minimum guidelines required at every Nucor location.

    Safety Requirements

    Safety is Nucor’s number one concern. Drivers are required to follow the guidelines below at all times while on premises. Serious or repetitive violations may result in a driver no longer being allowed on mill site. Violations will be documented and reported to each carrier.

    • Obey all traffic signs such as STOP, YIELD, NO PARKING, NO BLOCKING, etc.
    • Drivers are not allowed to stand or pass under a suspended load.
    • Always yield to pedestrians.
    • STOP, LOOK and LISTEN at all railroad crossings.
    • Do not park or stop within 8 feet of center of track.
    • Yield the right of way to heavy equipment, including forklifts and trains.
    • Follow all posted speed limits
    • Intoxicants, controlled substances, and dangerous weapons are not permitted on site.
    • Drivers ONLY permitted in designated loading areas.
    • Drivers must remain out of harm’s way during the loading process and keep a safe distance from material as it is being loaded on the trailer.
    • Drivers must be able to understand the English language (written and verbal).
    • All adult passengers accompanying drivers must remain in the truck at all times when allowed in loading areas. See mill detail for passenger guidelines.
    • No one under 18 will be allowed on Nucor property.
    • All tractors and trailers must meet Department of Transportation safety requirements.
    • Any accident should be reported to the Nucor Load Origin Division within 24 hours.
    • Cell phone use is prohibited during the loading process and while operating vehicle on premises.

    PPE Requirements

    If a driver does not use the proper PPE, the truck will not be loaded until this equipment is utilized. A single act of not adhering to the PPE Requirements will be considered a safety violation.

    • Reflective vests may be required while on site. See mill division requirements for details.
    • Inside Mill: Hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection, safety shoes or closed toe shoes, long sleeves and long pants are required.
    • Outside Loading Areas & Tie Down: Hard hat, safety glasses, safety shoes or closed toe shoes are required. Long sleeves and long pants are suggested.
    • Review each mill for any additional requirements.
  2. Insurance

    Insurance Requirements by Carrier Type

    Asset Based Carriers Only Brokers Only Dual Authority Carriers Only
    $1 million general liability (per occurrence) $1 million general liability (per occurrence) 1 million general liability (per occurrence)
    $2 million general aggregate (per location) $2 million general aggregate (per location) $2 million general aggregate (per location)
    $1 million auto liability $1 million contingent auto liability $1 million auto liability
    $100,000 cargo insurance $100,000 contingent or all-risk cargo insurance $100,000 cargo insurance
    Workers Compensation at statutory limits -- Workers Compensation at statutory limits
    -- -- $1 million contingent auto liability
    -- -- $100,000 contingent or all-risk cargo insurance

Thank you for your interest in hauling for Nucor. To build a solid partnership with Nucor, your first step is to connect with one of our divisions to determine need and fit. This will ensure that (1) your company provides a service in lanes that add value to the Nucor supply chain, and (2) a division has a need and fit for the service you provide.

A map showing the locations of our Nucor divisions can be found here.

Once need and fit are established between your company and the division you are interested in doing business with, the division will initiate the new carrier process.

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