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An Evolution in Steel

In 1989, Nucor pioneered EAF thin-slab casting at our Crawfordsville, Indiana sheet mill. Since this breakthrough, we have become the market leader by continuing to invest in advanced sheet steel products and technologies.

Today, Nucor operates six strategically located sheet mills in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky and South Carolina that utilize thin slab casters to produce flat-rolled steel for automotive, appliance, construction, pipe and tube and many other industrial and consumer applications. Our sheet mill capacity is approximately 12.1 million tons per year. We produce hot rolled, cold rolled, Surestride® floor plate, galvanized and galvannealed sheet.

Our sheet mill network is both geographically diverse as well as strategically positioned near rail, highway and major seaports, ensuring secure access to products and efficient delivery timeframes throughout North America.

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Nucor’s sheet mill family includes five EAF mills that utilize thin-slab casting. Four of our EAF sheet mills are equipped with cold rolling mills and five have galvanizing lines for the further processing of hot-rolled sheet.

Through strategic investments and continuous process improvement efforts at our existing facilities, Nucor continues to greatly expand our sheet product capabilities and offerings, including producing thinner high-strength steel grades to facilitate the development of advanced applications, including lightweight automotive.

Notably, Nucor Steel Berkeley, located near the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, was the first CSP mini mill in the world to produce deep drawing steels using vacuum tank degasser technology. This mill has led the way for CSP mini mills in the development of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) for the automotive industry.

In addition, our specialty cold mill complex in Arkansas has greatly expanded Nucor’s capabilities to cold reduce steel to lighter gauges and higher strengths to meet our customers’ light weighting goals. This mill also has a batch anneal shop that allows for the production of motor lamination steels with electrical properties previously only attainable by non-oriented silicon steels.

Finally, a new galvanizing facility at our mill in Ghent, Kentucky is the first of its kind in North America, coupling a pickle line directly with a galvanizing line. By the end of 2021, an additional 1.4 million tons of melting capacity will be added to this mill.

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    Steel sheet is processed to its final thickness by rolling at high temperatures on a hot-rolling mill. This process can be taken a step further by pickling and oiling, which is a method of removing the surface oxides and applying an oil to improve lubricity and provide a more rust-resistant product.

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    Floor Plate

    Surestride™ floor plate is hot-rolled with a raised lug pattern that provides safe walking and working surfaces anywhere dusty, oily, or wet environments create hazardous conditions. This product is also available pickled and oiled.

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    This is hot-rolled steel that has been cold-rolled to its specified final thickness at room temperature and may be supplied as fully processed (annealed) or full hard.

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    This refers to steel sheet coated with a thin layer of zinc to increase its corrosion resistance. Our galvanizing is done through a hot-dip operation.

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    Here an extra tight coating of galvanizing metal (zinc) is applied to a soft steel sheet, after which the sheet is passed through an oven. The coating is dull gray without spangle.

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    Motor Lamination

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    Pipe & Tube

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