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Committed to the Highest Quality

Nucor’s Plate Mill Group manufactures a wide range of grades, gauges, widths and lengths that are customized to meet each customer’s precise specifications.

Over the years Nucor Plate has consistently demonstrated product versatility and quality, as well as delivery efficiency, making Nucor a leading supplier of carbon steel plate in the United States.

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Three Mills, Unrivaled Versatility

Comprised of three production facilities located in Hertford County, North Carolina, Longview, Texas, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Nucor’s Plate Mill Group has an annual capacity of approximately 2.8 million tons of cut-to-length and discrete plate. Our three plate minimills extensively monitor each product through the entire production process to ensure superior quality and customer satisfaction.

Nucor entered the plate market in 2000 with a greenfield mill in Hertford County, North Carolina. At its inception, Nucor Steel Hertford County introduced the domestic plate market to industry leading carbon steel plate products through superior surface quality and gauge control. In 2010, Hertford County began the process of diversifying its product offering with investment in a quench and tempering facility. This investment was followed by a vacuum tank degasser in 2012 and a normalizing facility in 2013. Over the last ten years, Hertford County has also expanded its size and grade offering in the pursuit of adding value for Nucor’s customers.

Utilizing market knowledge and customer relationships earned at the Hertford mill, Nucor expanded its plate product offering to lighter gauges and narrower widths with the 2004 acquisition of Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa. With its state-of-the-art temper-levelling equipment and flexible production processes, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa can supply a variety of commodity plate products from 3/16" to 2.5” in thickness and 48” to 99” in width. In 2017, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa commissioned accelerated cooling equipment to further expand its product offering for Nucor Plate Group customers.

Nucor Steel Longview was acquired in 2016 to complement Nucor’s expanding presence in the domestic plate market, offering a variety of carbon and alloy grades in thicknesses through 12”. This division’s boutique heats and a broad size range provides synergy between the three plate mills.

In 2022, Nucor will be commissioning a state-of-the-art plate mill in Brandenburg, Kentucky, bringing further versatility to the Nucor Plate Group. Located along the Ohio river, this greenfield facility will offer customers an expanded size range of 3/16” to 14” in thickness, widths from 60” to 170” and lengths up to 1500”. With a centralized location to the plate market, Nucor Brandenburg will offer a variety of shipping lanes and methods to access customers across North America.

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    As-Rolled Plate

    With a variety of specifications in chemical and physical requirements, as-rolled carbon produced by Nucor Plate can fit a wide range of industry applications.

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    Heat-Treated Plate

    This additional process customizes Nucor Plate’s products by altering the physical properties of steel. With multiple heat treatment options, Nucor Plate can meet a diverse range of critical plate specifications.

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