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Committed to the Highest Quality

Nucor’s Plate Mill Group manufactures a wide range of grades, gauges, widths and lengths that are customized to meet each customer’s precise specifications.

Over the years Nucor Plate has consistently demonstrated product versatility and quality, as well as delivery efficiency, making Nucor a leading supplier of carbon steel plate in the United States.

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Three Mills, Unrivaled Versatility

Comprised of three production facilities located in Hertford County, North Carolina, Brandenburg, Kentucky, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Nucor’s Plate Mill Group has an annual capacity of approximately 3.5 million tons of cut-to-length and discrete plate. Our three plate mini-mills extensively monitor each product through the entire production process to ensure superior quality and customer satisfaction.

Over twenty-four years and counting, Nucor’s Plate Mill Group has continuously expanded its product offerings to add value for the marketplace. Today, our three plate mills have evolved to offer the widest variety of grades and sizes to meet our customers’ needs.

Our premier offering creates the leading capabilities needed for all critical global markets including Renewable Energy, Military & Defense, Construction, Heavy Equipment, and Transportation.

Combined, Nucor’s Plate Mill Group offers plate sizes from 3/16” to 18” in thickness, 48” to 170” inches in width, and 120” to 1,550” in length with a maximum piece weight of 50 tons. All of these capabilities are accomplished utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to supply the highest quality plate solutions for our customers.

Reach out to a Nucor Plate District Sales Manager today to learn more about how our plate products can be combined with Nucor’s full portfolio of steel and steel products to create industry leading solutions for you.

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    As-Rolled Plate

    With a variety of specifications in chemical and physical requirements, as-rolled carbon produced by Nucor Plate can fit a wide range of industry applications.

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    Heat-Treated Plate

    This additional process customizes Nucor Plate’s products by altering the physical properties of steel. With multiple heat treatment options, Nucor Plate can meet a diverse range of critical plate specifications.

Markets & Applications

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    Heavy Equipment

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    Oil & Gas

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    Renewable Energy

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    Energy Generation & Transmission

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