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Raising The Bar

Nucor is the U.S. market leader in merchant bar and rebar products, which are produced in modern steel recycling facilities to ensure the highest quality and to create sustainable value.

Our bar mill network is strategically positioned with efficient access to all major and supporting markets, ensuring quick turnaround on orders—including next-day delivery in some locations. Our full range of bar products provides our customers with greater flexibility for managing inventory turns.

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Capabilities and Mill Footprint

Nucor has 14 bar mills (soon to be 15) located across the U.S with capacity of over 9 million tons per year. The steel produced at these mills includes concrete reinforcing bars, hot-rolled bars, rounds, light shapes, structural angles, channels, wire rod and highway products in carbon and alloy steels. The products we make within our mills serve a wide variety of markets, including the agricultural, automotive, construction, energy, furniture, machinery, metal building, railroad, recreational equipment, shipbuilding, heavy truck and trailer markets.

New and Improved for 2020

Nucor Steel Kankakee in Illinois will soon have a new MBQ mill with an annual capacity of approximately 500,000 tons. This mill will allow Nucor to fully utilize Kankakee’s existing bar mill better serve the large Midwest market for MBQ by optimizing its melt capacity and the infrastructure already in place. Nucor Steel Kankakee’s second rolling mill expands the mill’s capabilities to include large flats, angles and structural channels -- the broadest range of rebar and MBQ products in the region.

Nucor has also built two new rebar micro mills in Missouri and Florida (operational in 2020). Each mill has an annual capacity of 350,000 tons and will be closer to our customers than any other rebar supplied to these markets.

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    Carbon steel angles are generally used in the construction of buildings, bridges and in other structures as braces and corners in support frames for machinery, equipment, vehicles and trailers.

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    Perfect for frames and bracing, steel channel is a hot-rolled product that can be produced in various sizes and web thicknesses. While it offers structural support in building construction, it’s also used in various highway and infrastructure applications.

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    One of the common bar shapes, this product is rolled from billet or bloom, and undergoes rigorous testing and quality certification through production. Our rounds are also offered in a variety of coil and cut lengths.

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    Offered in a broad range of sizes, Nucor flats are used in all types of construction, as well as for transport, storage and manufacturing.

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    Rebar is reinforced steel used in conjunction with reinforced concrete, ultimately providing more tensile strength. Due to the structural integrity it provides, this product is used heavily in the construction industry.

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    Spooled Rebar

    Spooled rebar is wound into a twist free coil, allowing for more efficient storage and transportation, and improved handling. The spool minimizes the need to inventory multiple bar lengths, reduces handling frequency, and minimizes yield loss in the fabrication process.

Markets & Applications

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