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As the recognized leader in the structural steel business, Nucor offers customers a diverse range of wide-flange steel beams, pilings and heavy structural steel products.

Both of our beam mills use a special continuous casting method that produces a beam blank closer in shape to that of the finished beam than traditional methods. In fact, our Nucor-Yamato facility is the only North American producer of high-strength, low-alloy beams, which are used in common applications such as gravity columns for high-rise buildings, long span trusses for stadiums and convention centers and for all projects where seismic design is a critical factor.

Our two beam mills have a combined capacity exceeding 3 million tons per year, and supply material to a range of our partners, which includes fabricators, steel service centers, and OEMs.

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Beam Mill Family

Established in 1987 as a joint venture between Nucor Corporation and Yamato Kogyo, Co., Nucor-Yamato Steel was founded on a commitment to revolutionizing the production of structural steel sections in North America. The original partnership brought together two independent technologies that had previously been successful in the steel-making industry: the mini mill and beam-blank casting. This combination introduced untapped efficiencies to the manufacturing of structural steel shapes. It has enabled us to succeed in our effort of being the safest, highest-quality, most cost-effective and productive steelmaking facility in the world, and today Nucor-Yamato Steel is the largest structural steel mill in the Western Hemisphere.

The success of Nucor Yamato led to the opening of our second structural mill in Berkeley, South Carolina in 1998. With a combined capacity of more than 3.25 million tons, we can produce an expansive range of profiles and material specifications. Our structural steel has helped to shape skylines and connect individuals to cities, suburbs and non-urban reaches by serving as the structural systems in buildings and bridges throughout the world.

Our success is the direct result of the commitment by our entire team to continuously improve our portfolio, thereby enabling our customers’ projects to be efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. We demonstrate this promise by investing in our teammates, our equipment and the innovations necessary to always produce higher-quality steel and diversify our product offering.

The versatility and adaptability demonstrated by our teammates at Nucor-Yamato Steel and Nucor Steel Berkeley has not only contributed to our recognition as a leader in the structural steel business, but it has also enabled us to succeed in our efforts to always take care of our customers while being cultural and environmental stewards in the communities where we live and work.

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    Manufactured Housing Beams

    These beams are utilized within the frames of manufactured houses and are available in a variety of weights and widths. Our team has the capability to customize these beams to meet our customers’ unique specifications.

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    Wide-Flange Beams

    When compared to standard beams, the “H” design of a wide-flange beam provides better distribution of the weight of a structure over a wider area, resulting in the ability to support heavier and larger structures—which, in turn, allows for grander constructions.

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    Standard Beams

    Also known as I-beams, this product is most often used in building construction or racking and material handling, with the web offering support to shear forces, and the flanges protecting against any bend. These can also be produced to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

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    The perfect product for frames and bracing, steel channel is a hot-rolled product that can be produced in various sizes and web thicknesses. While it offers structural support in building construction, it’s also used in vehicles and heavy equipment.

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    MC Channels

    This refers to channels that possess parallel flanges, which allows for easier assembly. MC Channels are also used for construction and civil engineering purposes. Lighter MC Channels are often referred to as "stair stringer channels."

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    Another common beam product, this is steel bar that comes in the form of a 90-degree angle; it’s also used in miscellaneous construction applications. Nucor can produce angles with equal or unequal legs.

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    Sheet Pile Sections

    Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. While these can be used for temporary and permanent applications, temporary sheet piles are designed to provide safe access for construction and are then removed.

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    H-Pile Sections

    Although they can be designed for skin friction, the H-pile shape is most effective at transferring load through the pile to the tip. These piles are more efficient in dense soils that offer pile resistance at the tip for point-bearing capacity. However, when founding a pile system on rock, there is no piling system better than H-piles since they’ve been tested to more than 1,000 tons.

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    Wide-Sheet Piling

    These are also known as Z-shaped sheet piles since the single piles are shaped roughly like a horizontally stretched Z. The interlocks are located as far away from the neutral axis as possible to ensure good shear transmission and increase the strength-to-weight ratio. They can be used in a wide variety of applications.

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