Steel made from recycled materials is decarbonizing offshore wind production Image

Steel made from recycled materials is decarbonizing offshore wind production


The First Sustainable Steel
Product of Its Kind

In 2023, Nucor introduced Elcyon™ to meet the growing demands of America's offshore wind energy producers. Elcyon is a sustainable, heavy gauge steel plate product manufactured with superior strength and toughness and made to meet the rigorous quality standards of offshore wind energy designers, manufacturers, and fabricators.

Elcyon contains more than 90% recycled content and is made using Nucor's scrap-based electric arc furnace (EAF) manufacturing process. Nucor is a leading pioneer in this circular process with an emissions intensity that is less than one-third the global average of extractive steelmaking methods using blast furnaces for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Like all Nucor steel, Elcyon can also be certified Econiq™ signifying that it was produced using electricity from 100% renewable sources (eliminating Scope 2 emissions), with remaining Scope 1 emissions offset.

Elcyon is the first and only domestically manufactured steel plate available in offshore wind sizes and piece weights, making it a critical component of the U.S. supply chain and a key step on the path to a carbon-free energy sector. Relative to alternatives, Elcyon offers energy stakeholders efficient, reliable access to material, accelerated delivery timelines, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport and delivery.

If we produced the 2030 US target wind capacity using Nucor steel instead of blast furnace steel, we would avoid 12.5M tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s equivalent to taking almost every car off the streets of Los Angeles for one year.

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Our Elcyon steel plate is another example of Nucor's commitment to sustainability and our focus on providing a differentiated value proposition by making products that no one else is making.
Al Behr,
Executive Vice President of Plate and Structural Products at Nucor Corporation 

Nucor is developing the product at its Brandenburg, Kentucky facility and anticipates commercial release by the end of 2023. Nucor Steel Brandenburg is the first steel plant in the world to achieve LEED v4 certification, the US Green Building Council’s most stringent standard for sustainable building design and operation.4

Nucor plans to offer Elcyon in a range of grades and sizes, working closely with end users to meet their unique needs, specifications, and sustainability goals. By connecting industry leaders with sustainable solutions like Elcyon, Nucor is committed to building the clean energy sector of the future, and the sustainable economy it will power.

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Elcyon is the world’s most sustainable steel plate conforming to EuroNorm 10025 and 10225, available in the full range of sizes and piece weights required for offshore wind projects.

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