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Net-zero steel is decarbonizing the auto industry



In order to help companies like this meet their sustainability goals, Nucor launched Econiq™, the first line of net-zero steel products at scale. Econiq certification can be applied to any product from Nucor’s steel mills and signifies that the product has been produced using electricity from 100% renewable sources (eliminating Scope 2 emissions) and by purchasing carbon offsets (eliminating Scope 1 emissions).

Nucor’s steelmaking process relies on recycling-based electric arc furnace (EAF) technology. Nucor is a leading pioneer in this circular process, which has an emissions intensity that is less than one-third the global average of extractive steelmaking methods using blast furnaces for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Nucor and our customer’s goals are closely aligned, and we continue to work in partnership on new opportunities and innovations like Econiq
Dominic Allam,
General Manager of Automotive Solutions at Nucor Corporation
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Econiq steel is made with net-zero emissions.

Econiq is prominently featured in the automaker’s first mass produced luxury electric vehicle, and the two companies are exploring using Nucor’s sustainable steel in the construction of electric vehicle battery manufacturing plants.

In recognition of their longstanding partnership and Nucor’s role in helping the company achieve its category-leading sustainability commitments, the automaker has recognized Nucor with an award highlighting its top global suppliers in every year from 2019-2022. For developing and launching Econiq, Nucor was also celebrated with a special distinction that recognizes outstanding achievement across the automaker’s key supply chain priorities, which include sustainability, innovation, relationships, and safety.

By working together with industry leaders to decarbonize automotive production, Nucor is helping to build the next generation of electric vehicles and accelerating the industry’s transition to a more sustainable future.

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Econiq is the world’s first net-zero carbon steel at scale, introduced to offer consumers steel products to help meet their sustainability goals. The Econiq certification will cover all of Nucor’s steelmaking product line, the most comprehensive in the U.S. market.

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