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Net-zero steel is decarbonizing the auto industry Image

Net-zero steel is decarbonizing the auto industry

Nucor is helping to build the next generation of electric vehicles and accelerating the industry’s transition to a more sustainable future.


Automaker Case Study

Lowering an EV's Environmental Impact Before its First Mile

A major auto manufacturer partnered with Nucor to produce its first luxury electric vehicle with Econiq net-zero steel, significantly reducing Scope 3 emissions and bringing the manufacturer closer to its goal of carbin neutrality by 2040.

Road vehicles account for nearly 15% of total global CO2 emissions today and are the fastest-growing source of emissions worldwide.1 While electric vehicle adoption is accelerating, the auto industry needs to rapidly decarbonize its supply chains if it is to meet the 1.5°C climate goal set out in the Paris Agreement.

One Nucor customer—a major auto manufacturer—is leading the charge for comprehensive decarbonization. As a signatory of the UN’s Business Ambition Pledge for 1.5°C, the automaker challenged itself to reach a series of ambitious sustainability goals, including a significant reduction in Scope 3 emissions from its vehicle production by 2035, and a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality in its products and operations by 2040.

Image of automotive production line assembling steel car frame

In order to help companies like this meet their sustainability goals, Nucor launched Econiq™, the first line of net-zero steel products at scale. Econiq certification can be applied to any product from Nucor’s steel mills and signifies that the product has been produced using electricity from 100% renewable sources (eliminating Scope 2 emissions) and by purchasing carbon offsets (eliminating Scope 1 emissions).

Nucor’s steelmaking process relies on recycling-based electric arc furnace (EAF) technology. Nucor is a leading pioneer in this circular process, which has an emissions intensity that is less than one-third the global average of extractive steelmaking methods using blast furnaces for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.


  • Produced using energy from 100% renewable sources (zero Scope 2 emissions)
  • Scope 1 emissions eliminated via carbon offsets
  • Most comprehensive net-zero emission product line in the US market
  • Certification available on all Nucor products
Nucor and our customer’s goals are closely aligned, and we continue to work in partnership on new opportunities and innovations like Econiq.
Dominic Allam,
General Manager of Automotive Solutions at Nucor Corporation