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Collaboration for Brighter
Days and Better Buildings

This Chicago architect’s vision is to build stronger communities.


Overcoming challenges

Smith says people say that there’s more than one way to build something. And those options can have different cost implications.

“But it might not have to drive costs up at all,” he says. “So let’s work with the specialists who understand both the costs and construction. Let’s find a way to work together in a way that’s not going to drive up the cost.”

Let’s find a way to work together in a way that’s not going to drive up the cost.
Jason Smith
Smith talks to people who live and work around his future designs, to help better serve the community.

Smith’s collaborative style extends to working with steel as well.

“One thing that’s really cool about steel is you can shape it so well. Different fabricators are going to have different ways of building complex shapes,” says Smith. He adds that it’s important to have a fabricator involved as soon as possible “to optimize the design for the person who’s going to be manufacturing, fabricating, assembling and building it. And when you optimize it with that in mind, you’re going to end up with higher quality and less cost.”

When it comes to steel, getting a fabricator involved early in the process can optimize the design, Smith says.

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