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Top benefits of integrated project delivery

In this installment of our Minds of Steel Q&A series, engineer Jeffrey Smilow and architect Jason Smith describe ways integrated project delivery (IPD) can address supply chain issues and other challenges many are facing in advancing the built world.

Rising costs, widespread supply chain disruptions, tariffs, and other issues pose big challenges for architects, engineers, fabricators, building owners, and developers. Ninety-three percent of firms reported experiencing material shortages and/or allocations, according to a 2022 survey by Associated General Contractors of America. As a result, 82% of firms reported project delays. Though traditional project delivery methods are still used, IPD has been gaining popularity in recent years to address these growing challenges. How does IPD work, and why should it be considered? Engineer Jeffrey Smilow and architect Jason Smith, both Nucor Minds of Steel, answer some key questions about IPD.

  1. Can you describe IPD?

  2. Can you give any examples showing why IPD is beneficial?

  3. What are some ways to overcome supply chain challenges?

  4. How does IPD impact project timelines?

Your IPD partner

With our unique position in the supply chain, having Nucor’s Construction Solutions team at the table throughout the IPD process gives you visibility into the latest innovative products, scheduling or backlog considerations, and pricing implications of material decisions. As your strategic partner, we can assist you from the earliest stages of design through your certificate of occupancy by performing comparative conceptual studies. We’ll answer your questions and address challenges that may arise during the entire construction process.

With the brightest steel professionals by your side, you’ll have major advantages, including:

  • Design evaluation and optimization through our team’s early involvement in the design phase
  • Availability and scheduling tailored to your unique project timeline
  • In-depth education about Nucor’s vast portfolio of steel solutions
  • Access to the world’s leading experts in steel sustainability
  • A proactive team that stays at the forefront of the industry to bring you cutting-edge solutions

About the series

Nucor is featuring our Minds of Steel in a series of Q&A articles about important topics impacting architecture, engineering, and construction. In this installment, our Minds of Steel describe the key benefits of integrated project delivery (IPD) and how they can address some of today’s biggest challenges, including supply chain shortages.

About Minds of Steel

In 2021, Nucor launched Minds of Steel to recognize some of the most innovative minds in engineering and architecture. These individuals are using steel to transform tomorrow’s increasingly challenging builds into reality.

Jeffrey Smilow

Jeffrey Smilow

Jeffrey Smilow, PE, F.ASCE, is executive vice president and managing director of building structures at WSP USA. With nearly 40 years of experience in structural engineering, Jeffrey has an extensive background designing and renovating a wide range of steel and concrete structures. Throughout his career, Jeffrey has worked on many high-profile projects around the world, including supertall residential towers in India; seismic-resistant high-rise office towers in Mexico City; Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets; and World Trade Center Tower 3. He’s also played an instrumental role in renovating treasured landmarks such as the famed Plaza Hotel and Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Learn more about Jeffrey

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Jason Smith, AIA, is a design principal and architect with SmithGroup in Chicago. Jason advocates a holistic, inclusive approach in his work, collaborating with engineers, architects, contractors, tradespeople, and manufacturers. That interdisciplinary approach is seen in SmithGroup’s design of the Center for Advanced Care in Chicago, featuring a physical space that is warm, open, and inviting for hospital patients and staff. Learn more about Jason

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