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Our leadership is focused on empowering our teammates to drive Nucor’s long-term success.

Executive Team

Board of Directors

Norma B. Clayton headshot

Norma B. Clayton

Retired Vice President
The Boeing Company

Patrick J. Dempsey headshot

Patrick J. Dempsey

Retired President & CEO
Barnes Group Inc.

​Christopher J. Kearney headshot

​Christopher J. Kearney

Lead Director Nucor Corporation

Retired Chairman, CEO & President SPX FLOW, Inc.

​Laurette T. Koellner headshot

​Laurette T. Koellner

Retired President
Boeing International

Mike Lamach headshot

Mike Lamach

Retired Executive Chair & CEO
Trane Technologies plc

Joseph D. Rupp headshot

Joseph D. Rupp

Retired Chairman and CEO
Olin Corporation

Leon J. Topalian headshot

Leon J. Topalian

Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer
Nucor Corporation

Nadja Y. West headshot

Nadja Y. West

Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Retired) & Former Commander of
U.S. Army Medical Command

On March 25, 2022, we filed our definitive proxy statement relating to our 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, which names each of our current directors as nominees for election as directors.

Our Corporate Governance Principles provide that (i) in addition to service on the Board, directors may not serve on more than three public company boards and (ii) a director who is a CEO of a public company may serve on the board of that company and only one other public company board of directors.

The Board of Directors has adopted a policy that, in connection with reviewing the qualifications of and making recommendations to the Board regarding nominees for election as directors at each annual meeting of stockholders, the Governance and Nominating Committee will annually evaluate each candidate's prior service on and contributions to the Board, including consideration of each candidate's public company leadership positions and other outside commitments. All of our directors are currently in compliance with our overboarding policy.

Committee Membership & Charters

Audit Committee Compensation and Executive Development Committee Governance and Nominating Committee
Norma B. Clayton Check Check Check
Patrick J. Dempsey Check Check* Check
Christopher J. Kearney Check Check Check*
Laurette T. Koellner Check* Check Check
Mike Lamach Check Check Check
Joseph D. Rupp Check Check Check
Leon J. Topalian
Nadja Y. West Check Check Check

* Committee Chair

Committee Charters

Audit Committee Charter
Compensation and Executive Development Committee Charter
Governance and Nominating Committee Charter

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