Nucor was founded on some pretty basic principles:

That steel could be produced in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. That our employees, neighbors and shareholders should always be treated fairly, honestly and respectfully. That our decisions should be based on securing long-term survival, not a short-term gain. That management should always be accessible and accountable. And that everyone in our company should conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards. The governance procedures outlined on these pages are designed to formalize those principles, which have guided us on our remarkable path to become one of the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most productive, and most profitable steel and steel products company in the world.

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  • John J. Ferriola

    John J. Ferriola

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President

  • James D. Frias

    James D. Frias

    Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer & Executive Vice President

  • Craig A. Feldman

    Craig A. Feldman

    Executive Vice President of Raw Materials

  • Ladd R. Hall

    Ladd R. Hall

    Executive Vice President of
    Flat-Rolled Products

  • Raymond S. Napolitan, Jr.

    Raymond S. Napolitan, Jr.

    Executive Vice President of
    Engineered Bar Products

  • R. Joseph Stratman

    R. Joseph Stratman

    Chief Digital Officer

  • David A. Sumoski

    David A. Sumoski

    Executive Vice President of
    Merchant and Rebar Products

  • Leon J. Topalian

    Leon J. Topalian

    Executive Vice President of
    Beam and Plate Products

  • D. Chad Utermark

    D. Chad Utermark

    Executive Vice President of
    Fabricated Construction Products

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Board Of Directors

  • John J. Ferriola

    John J. Ferriola

    Chairman, CEO & President
    Nucor Corporation

  • Lloyd J. Austin III

    Lloyd J. Austin III

    General, U.S. Army (Retired) & Former Commander of U.S. Central Command

  • Harvey B. Gantt

    Patrick J. Dempsey

    President & CEO
    Barnes Group Inc.

  • Victoria F. Haynes

    Victoria F. Haynes

    Retired President & CEO
    RTI International

  • Christopher J. Kearney

    Christopher J. Kearney

    Retired Chairman, CEO & President
    SPX FLOW, Inc.

  • Laurette T. Koellner

    Laurette T. Koellner

    Retired President
    Boeing International

  • John H. Walker

    John H. Walker

    Lead Director
    Nucor Corporation

    Non-Executive Chairman
    Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc.

Committee Membership & Charters

Audit Committee
Compensation and Executive
Development Committee
Governance and
Nominating Committee
John J. Ferriola
Lloyd J. Austin III
Patrick J. Dempsey
Victoria F. Haynes
Christopher J. Kearney
Laurette T. Koellner
John H. Walker

* Committee Chair


  • Audit Committee

  • Compensation and Executive
    Development Committee

  • Governance and
    Nominating Committee

Governance Documents

  • Corporate Governance Principles

  • Standards of Business
    Conduct and Ethics

  • Executive Officer Incentive
    Compensation Recovery Policy

  • Code of Ethics for Senior
    Financial Professionals

  • Supply Chain Documents

    • Supplier Code of Conduct
    • Forced Labor Policy
    • California Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosures
  • Safety & Sustainability

    • Safety Practices
    • Sustainability Practices